GRIP 34 Article Number: IT-000000122 Category: Tyre Service Warranty: 5 Years

Availability Stock availability 2 to 20 working days from Manufacturer Warehouse

Product Description

• Rim clamping up to 34”
• Automatic tire leverless system, for disassambling
and reassambling
• “Easy Access” extractable pedal box for quick service
• Double arm/disk air operated bead breaker system
• Reinforced chassis and tower
• Patented ultra-quick wheel-clamping system, through
cone and shaft with lock nut
• Double rotation speed INVERTER system
• Standard equipped with slide lift max capacity 80 kg
• Bead pressing arm complete with self-storage
• Locking system for total stiff locking of horizontal
and operating arm

Properties Value
Manufacturing Country Italy

Product Documents

gbYmfoOjyiPXwpcX3hMcY6t3CwCnvIyBoc9AQoR6.pdf Preview | Download


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