RGU.2671.Mobile Article Number: IT-000000117 Category: Tyre Service Warranty: 12 Month

Availability Stock availability 2 to 20 working days from Manufacturer Warehouse

  • Automatic Truck Tyre Changer for Mobile service on Trucks and Buses (intensive use)
  • Special for tubeless wheels
  • Self-centering hydraulic chuck with 4 clamping jaws
  • 1 speed Motor
  • Clockwise and anticlockwise rotation of the chuck
  • Universal toolhead
  • Mobile Chuck Arm with hidraulic motion (left-right)
  • Hidraulic lifting of chuck up-down
  • Mobile Toolhead Arm with manual movement (left-right)
  • Toolhead with manual lifting and rotation
  • Mobile remote control (low voltage)
  • Hydraulic pump motor 1,1 kW (1,5 Hp)
  • Chuck Gearbox motor 1,1 kW (1,5 Hp)
  • Spindle shaft working height min 350 mm
  • Maximum height of installation from the ground (road level) 700 mm
  • Bead breaking force (in/out) 25kN
  • Rim max diam. 13-26"
  • Max wheel diam 1380 mm (54")
  • Max wheel width 600 mm (24")
  • Noise < 85 dB (A)
  • IT-000000117
    Product Description

    Automatic tire changer for mobile truck service (intensive use). Suitable for tubeless wheels. Self-centering 4-arm hydraulic chuck. 1-speed engine. Clockwise and anticlockwise rotation of the spindle. Universal tool. Hydraulic movement of the spindle arm (right-left). Hydraulic lifting of the spindle arm (up and down). Manual movement of the tool arm (left - right). Tool changer with manual lifting and rotation.

    Properties Value
    Manufacturing Country Italy

    Product Documents

    PYa72oR9BBp4MFAesQFK8V2QwSPBPmWTZulzhjXs.pdf Preview | Download
    Fs2iMUtQrPKyOQZyAyPIKqTpMyqSGt10pazAFmoX.pdf Preview | Download


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