MAXT AIR Mod. MX 7500 - 150 DRIVEN Article Number: IT-000000043 Category: Compressor Warranty: 12 Month

Availability Stock availability 2 to 20 working days from Manufacturer Warehouse

  • Efficient to operate and use – clear, quick and intuitive
  • Return on investment and increased profits – this pollution monitoring system is a real golden goose: The analyser is available at short notice, the procedure is lightning fast, and the equipment boasts excellent availability with no waiting times, barely any maintenance, and a modular system that allows it to be upgraded as technology develops
  • Only the best will do: Structurally solid, made from durable materials and built to last – this is the best that technology has to offer
  • The latest future-proof technology
  • Designed with tomorrow’s materials and software in mind, the system can adapt to new regulatory requirements or revolutionary measuring technology
  • IT-000000043
    Product Description

    – Coaxial screw compressor – Coaxial drive – Electric engine directly linked to the screw unit: allows better yield
    – Oil separator filter SPIN-ON – Oil filter SPIN-ON – Oil/air cooling through electrically aired radiator – operating load and load, with timed shutdown
    – Delta-star starting – Electronic control card – Versions with air tank are equipped with a valve and tank linking line.

    Properties Value
    Manufacturing Country Italy

    Product Documents


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