VCO-K.Eco.AV6-BT.G2.CPS Article Number: IT-000000002 Category: Tyre Service Warranty: 12 Month

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    Product Description

    PC-based wheel aligner. Suitable for Trucks / Bus wheels. Standard Trolley. Monitor LCD 17". WinXP / Win7 Operating System. Databank upgradable via internet. Colour printer. USB interface. 6 sensors measuring system. 4 AV6 infrared sensors (bluetooth trasmission). Integrated battery charger. Self-centering 3-points clampers. Heavy duty truck turntables (max load 3500 kg). Remote control. Steering lock. Brake pedal depressor.

    Properties Value
    Manufacturing Country Italy

    Product Documents

    ScS9J2UlSd9kWimJnzvKqpk7UrFyQkT5YPAwhax8.pdf Preview | Download
    HfhpWfx501LGjtSABM3eQ8PzabZs64Y7n605vNZh.pdf Preview | Download
    OHbK22fRIDbNwpjDC1HPdjjQ5GOSuDjiyBGTFo6Y.pdf Preview | Download
    2T8HHF8PmGWlfQUCH67ICeHLVuS8IkJchj6NhGaZ.pdf Preview | Download


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