VCO-K2.WinTrax.N.VAPH Article Number: IT-000000001 Category: Tyre Service Warranty: 12 Month

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    Product Description

    PC-based wheel aligner. Suitable for Car, Vans, SUVs and Light Trucks wheels. Deluxe Trolley. Not including PC, monitor, printer. WinXP / Win7 Operating System. MAXI level wheel alignment software. Databank upgradable via internet. Guided wheel alignment procedure with 3d animations. USB interface. FASEP measuring system. 4 WinTRAX2 infrared sensors (radio trasmission, multilink system, accelerometer for electronic level control). Integrated battery charger. Contact clamps. Run Out compensation not required. Electronic track gauge. Heavy duty turntables (1000kg). Remote control. Steering lock. Brake pedal depressor.

    Properties Value
    Manufacturing Country Italy

    Product Documents

    5XblCzRGNiAGybfVFMMQf8Sa7709vhwicqDZhatB.pdf Preview | Download
    8hfCtGZDPnpDf2XzgMzodrvmb7X3UoyjtJbKBR6q.pdf Preview | Download
    6KhMLAbSkcESCP1JGX14wKp7xIBBpIO1963ikrDh.pdf Preview | Download


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