Hydraulic 4-Post Lift 4000 Kg / 5000 KgWith recesses for turning plates and play detector Article Number: ES-000000006 Category: Lift Warranty: 12 Month

Availability Stock availability 2 to 20 working days from Manufacturer Warehouse

  • Most versatile 2 post lift on the market
  • Painting by nanotechnology
  • Working nut GSM
  • High efficiency motors 2,4Kw and low consumption, max. <0.12 Amp
  • Safety system against chain breakage or carriages running out of level
  • Robust and reliable Rolled threads of the threaded adjustable height pads for - Maximum Performance and longer wear life
  • Noise reduction by using higher quality materials Increased robustness of arms with structural tube New, stronger Arm locking systems, more robust (complies with lateral force test by the Health & Safety test and the GEA
  • Diameter 120 mm. for more accuracy (lower friction and better wear behaviour) wider distance between posts for workplace ergonomics.
  • 5,7 m pltaform for new LCV
  • Extra wide for 3D alignment
  • NO air required
  • 100% electro-hydraulic
  • ES-000000006
    Product Description

    · Electro-hydraulic lifting system operating over a simple effect cylinder.
    · Innovative design of columns without longitudinal welds.
    · Platform locking system operated automatically by electromagnets.
    · Automatic release of safety wedges by pushing DOWN button.
    · Movable scissor jacking beam available on order.
    · Smooth platforms.
    · Safety system against obstacles, cable breakdown or looseness.
    · Hydraulic cylinder with control valve of lowering speed.
    · Safety valve against overpressure of the hydraulic system.
    · Pushbuttons at 24V, type “dead man”.

    Properties Value
    Manufacturing Country Spain

    Product Documents


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