Hydraulic 4-Post Lift 4000 Kg / 5000 Kg With recesses for turning plates and play detector Article Number: ES-000000004 Category: Lift Warranty: 12 Month

Availability Stock availability 2 to 20 working days from Manufacturer Warehouse

  • 5,7 m pltaform for new LCV
  • Extra wide for 3D alignment
  • NO air required
  • 100% electro-hydraulic
  • ES-000000004
    Product Description

    ·Innovative design of columns without longitudinal welds
    ·Electro-hydraulic lifting system operated over a simple effect cylinder.
    ·Platform locking system operated automatically by electromagnets
    ·Safety system against obstacles, cable breakdown or looseness.
    ·Hidraulic cylinder with control valve of lowering speed.
    ·Safety valve against overpressure of the hydraulic system
    ·Pushbuttons at 24V. type “dead man”, separated UP & DOWN buttons and ON/OFF switch locable by a padlock.
    ·Special protection on pulleys zone
    ·Smooth platforms
    ·Upper height limit switch.
    ·Automatic release of safety wedges by pushing DOWN button

    Properties Value
    Manufacturing Country Spain

    Product Documents


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