Electric Dry Steam Cleaner Article Number: DE-000000032 Category: Service Warranty: 5 Years

Availability Stock availability 2 to 20 working days from Manufacturer Warehouse

Product Description

Boiler-free-Technology iS18

Properties Value
Manufacturing Country Germany
Power Consuming Type: iS18 - iS36 Volume Flow 23 (kg/h) / 48 (kg/h) nass 46 (kg/h) / 96 (kg/h) nass Operating Pressure 10 (bar) 10 (bar) Mains Connection 400/480V 50/60Hz 32A 400/480V 50/60Hz 63A Heat output 18.000 (Watt) 36.000 (Watt))

Product Documents

pV3vfFkqTG4avbrEldvkwmpz5yqZiKuj8cGt1usR.pdf Preview | Download
bxn5uQByuqAHpJnyFlZNOuAPs9F6ubf6SRJbmlWp.pdf Preview | Download


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