AVL DITEST ADS 130 Article Number: DE-000000022 Category: AC Service Warranty: 12 Month

Availability Stock availability 2 to 20 working days from Manufacturer Warehouse

  • Fully automatic operation for a quick and easy service
  • Manual operation for maintenance work on air-conditioning technology
  • Vehicle selection from an extensive database
  • Automatic pressure test
  • Leak detection using contrast or nitrogen (Optional)
  • Flushing functions (optional)
  • DE-000000022
    Product Description

    The fully automatic ADS 130 supports both experienced automotive technicians and beginners in air conditioning service with its innovative processes. The automatic and manual service functions as well as diagnostic functions can be selected quickly and easily via the 15-inch touch display. The exchange of air conditioning components in the vehicle is facilitated by automatic processes which reduce the entire service and repair process to a minimum. This saves time, money and nerves.

    Properties Value
    Manufacturing Country Germany

    Product Documents

    B1O7NszWUz9laBBgNmTJiOWBUEEXtDE6Uq41Bxg7.pdf Preview | Download
    OOPC6GsOsqLFn0lDKb7SCQS0KuISMTOKM6T3FQhY.pdf Preview | Download
    vDj7Mq8kA8QJDVDCUsqythQbngwIBhh25GZ6cVMw.pdf Preview | Download
    ABsLamoPAS3D8woMadO2jHuCJAaCl4pJyESJ5jm4.pdf Preview | Download


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