AVL DITEST ADS 310 Article Number: DE-000000021 Category: AC Service Warranty: 12 Month

Availability Stock availability 2 to 20 working days from Manufacturer Warehouse

  • Fully automatic procedure for quick and easy servicing
  • Manual mode for maintenance tasks on the air conditioning system
  • Function tests on the air conditioning system
  • Automatic documentation of work carried out
  • Pre-set favourites
  • Ingenious design
  • Unique, innovative operation
  • For the good of the environment
  • Worthwhile investment
  • DE-000000021
    Product Description

    CO2 air conditioning system (R744) is superior to the current R1234yf system in terms of efficiency, cooling dynamics and environmental sustainability. Reputable automotive manufacturers have recognised its potential and will in future be putting their faith in CO2, the natural, ecological and advanced coolant. AVL DITEST is supporting the automotive industry with unique, state-of-the-art innovations. Together, we have developed the ADS 310 air conditioning service device so that for the first time, garage workshops are also able to carry out repairs and maintenance on CO2 air conditioning systems. Safety, environmental protection and economic efficiency were, of course, at the forefront of the development programme for the device.

    Properties Value
    Manufacturing Country Germany

    Product Documents

    I5ml5X7Ku6bZctm9JdmqXPGgPOUAaJ01jwKm83aw.pdf Preview | Download
    P3xDimOF0QZq3WuNel6gRwcm1AwkugVemvPaqsuS.pdf Preview | Download
    rYiJ3aTKXDK9fVHf7I7hI0xzibPnZfOkT7TqkIN3.pdf Preview | Download
    zPrhNiFOhjFDzwm489ljlyiVG6QYCJ7p6kJrLeos.pdf Preview | Download


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