AVL DITEST ADS 110 Article Number: DE-000000020 Category: AC Service Warranty: 12 Month

Availability Stock availability 2 to 20 working days from Manufacturer Warehouse

  • Fully automatic procedure for quick and easy servicing
  • Manual procedure for maintenance tasks on the climate control technology
  • Vehicle selection from a comprehensive database
  • Automatic pressure testing
  • Printer included as standard
  • Flashing functions (optional)
  • DE-000000020
    Product Description

    The most striking feature of the AVL DiTEST ADS 110 is arguably its compactness. Despite or perhaps because of its small size, it is ideally suited to workshop conditions. Available for both the R134a and the R1234yf, this entry-level model is impressively simple and intuitive to use via a keypad and the cursor navigation. In other words, the AVL DiTEST ADS 110 is your reliable colleague in the workshop.

    Properties Value
    Manufacturing Country Germany

    Product Documents


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