UNI LIFT 6500 Article Number: DE-000000017 Category: Lift Warranty: 12 Month

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The hydraulic scissor lift Uni Lift 6500 with a load capacity of 6500 kg is the best scissor lift for passenger cars, SUVs and vans. The wide range of work that can be done with the Uni Lift 6500 ranges from reception to underbody repairs and maintenance. The Uni Lift 6500 raises to a comfortable maximum height of 1877 mm and is flexible in installation width. The mechanical safety lock attached to the scissors guarantees perfect stability during wheel alignment.

The Uni Lift 6500 can easily be retrofitted with the JAX 2000, JAX 2600 or JAX 3200 jacks, adapting to the development of your workshop for a long time to come.

Lifting time: 40 seconds / lowering time 40 seconds
Capacity: 6500 kg
Lifting height of 1877 mm
Mechanical safety lock guarantees perfect stability during wheel alignment
Platforms up to 6000 mm length
Flexible installation width
Can be retrofitted with axle jacks
360° access
Can also be installed flush with the floor
Developed and manufactured in Germany
Low-noise oil submerged motor
The Uni Lift 6500 is equipped with a hydraulic synchronization control and a mechanical safety lock. The control unit of the Uni Lift 6500 is equipped with a main switch and protected pushbuttons and can be positioned at various distances from the lift. The Uni Lift 6500 has no fixed connections between the platforms and can therefore be installed in different installation widths as required.

The low power consumption and the low maintenance effort, also thanks to the reduced number of moving parts, reduce the running costs. The scissors and rails are welded in Nussbaum's own state-of-the-art welding machines, shot peened and then powder coated. Your lifting platform is thus protected against dirt and weather in the long term.

Installation requirements
Fundament gemäß gültigem Datenblatt, 12 Dübel (abhängig vom Fundament, siehe Prüfbuch), Hydrauliköl HLP ISO 32, Füllmenge ca. 17 Liter, Elektroanschluss 3 PH, N + PE, 400 V, 50 Hz, Absicherung 16 Amp. träge, Luftanschluss 6-10 bar, Entladung

Properties Value
Manufacturing Country Germany
Load Capacity 6500

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