UNI LIFT 5000 NT PLUS AMS Article Number: DE-000000016 Category: Lift Warranty: 12 Month

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The hydraulic scissor lift Uni Lift 5000 NT Plus AMS with a lifting capacity of 5000 kg is such a versatile lift that it takes a central place in thousands of automotive service operations worldwide. The wide range of work that can be done with the Uni Lift 5000 NT Plus AMS ranges from wheel alignment, test technology, tyre service, check in inspection to underbody repairs and maintenance. Equipped with wheel alignment set and wheel free lift (RFH) The Uni Lift 5000 NT Plus AMS can literally be used anytime and anywhere. In addition, it has fast lifting and lowering times, requires little space thanks to the low rails and short ramps, lifts to a comfortable maximum height of 1970 mm and is flexible in its installation width. The wheel alignment set integrated into the rails of the lifting platform for precise wheel alignment consists of a sliding plate at the rear of the rails and recesses for turntables in the front. The mechanical safety ratchet attached to the scissors guarantees perfect stability during wheel alignment.

The wheel-free lift allows free access to the wheels of the vehicle in no time at all. By simply changing a switch on the control column, the operator can switch between the lift of the wheel-free jack and the lift as a whole.

The Uni Lift 5000 NT Plus AMS can easily be retrofitted with the axle lift JAX 2000, JAX 2600 or JAX 3200 and thus adapts to the development of your workshop for a long time to come.

Lifting time: 35 Seconds / lowering time29 Seconds
Capacity: 5000 kg
Lifting height of 1970 mm
Integrated wheel alignment set with sliding plates and recesses for turntables
Fast lifting wheel free lift (RFH) for all work on tyres and wheels
Mechanical lock guarantees perfect stability for testing
Space-saving: Low rails and short drive-on ramps
Flexible installation width
Retrofittable with axle lifts
360° access
Can also be installed flush with the floor: Uni Lift 5000 NT
Developed and manufactured in Germany
All Nussbaum hydraulic scissor lifts are equipped with two redundant hydraulic circuits as standard: Nussbaum-s patented hydraulic technology NT. The NT technology controls the perfect synchronisation of the four cylinders of the NT system, which are driven in two independent, redundant hydraulic circuits by a powerful and low-noise suboil motor.

The control unit of the Uni Lift 5000 NT Plus AMS is equipped with a main switch and protected pushbuttons and can be positioned at various distances from the lift. The Uni Lift 5000 NT Plus AMS has no fixed connections between the platforms and can therefore be installed in different installation widths as required.

Properties Value
Manufacturing Country Germany
Load Capacity 5000

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