COMBI LIFT 4.65 S AMS Article Number: DE-000000011 Category: Lift Warranty: 12 Month

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The hydraulic 4-post lift COMBI LIFT 4.65 S AMS with a load capacity of 6500 kg is the perfect lift for wheel alignment, testing technology, dialogue acceptance, diagnosis and bodywork in the quality and price-conscious car repair shop, That serves all weight classes from passenger cars to vans, small trucks, up to motor homes.Even as a headlight adjusting place in conjunction with a headlight tester, it always delivers reliable results in headlight adjustment. For lower lying vehicles we offer optionally extended ramps with a length of 1600 mm. The wheel alignment set integrated in the runways of the lift for precise wheel alignment consists of a sliding plates at the back of the runways and recesses for the turntable in the front area. The COMBI LIFT 4.65 S AMS can be retrofitted at any time with LED lighting on the runways for even more working comfort, the JAX 2000, JAX 2600 and JAX 3200 axle lifters and thus adapts continuously to the development of your workshop.

With the tried and tested Nussbaum hydraulics, the perfectly flat runways, the automatic safety lock every 100 mm by the automatic safety catch, the flexible rail distances, with the retrofittable lighting and optional accessories, the [ AttributeShortCode,attribute=Title]is the perfect companion for any automotive workshop that needs a reliable, low-cost lift that can meet all future requirements.

Load capacity: 6500 kg
Lifting height of mm
Integrated wheel alignment set with sliding plates and recesses for turntable
Perfectly leveled runways for wheel alignment and headlight adjustment
Mechanical jack guarantees perfect stability for testing equipment
Flexible distance between the runways, adjustable in 50 mm steps
Short drive-on ramps with a length of only 1250 mm
Can be retrofitted with axle jacks and lighting
In-ground mounting for perfectly flat runways on request
Guaranteed quality: each hydraulic cylinder is individually tested before shipment
Developed and manufactured in Germany
All Nussbaum 4-post hydraulic lifts are equipped as standard with a pulling hydraulic cylinder integrated in the runway: The pulling cylinder, driven by a powerful and low-noise submerged oil unit, protects the hydraulic system and guarantees the longevity of your lift. The lowering process requires no energy and thus reduces energy consumption and the running costs of the workshop.

The runways and columns are welded in Nussbaum's own state-of-the-art welding facilities, shot peened and then [AttributeShortCode,attribute=colour name,attributeid=3] powder-coated. Your lift is thus protected against dirt and weather in the long term.

Properties Value
Manufacturing Country Germany
Load Capacity 6500
Cabinet TW-000000001

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