POWER LIFT HDL 7000 SST DG Article Number: DE-000000007 Category: Lift Warranty: 12 Month

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The hydraulic 2-post lift Power Lift HDL 7000 SST DG with a load capacity of 7000 kg and equipped with double jointed arms is a lift with high lifting capacity and flexibility for the versatile automotive workshop, that serves all vehicle types, from smallest cars to large vans. The Power Lift HDL 7000 SST DG is equipped with Nussbaum's patented SST technology.

With the symmetrical telescopic double jointed arms you can carry a wide range of vehicle sizes and weight classes from small cars such as Smart up to overlong vans such as Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and VW Crafter with long wheelbase lift. The arms are mounted on roller bearings for comfortable operation and are secured in the set position by a pneumatic locking mechanism. The Power Lift HDL 7000 SST DG offers absolute operating comfort with two operating units (one per column) and two independent hydraulic power packs and can be easily adapted to the needs of the workshop in terms of installation width and height during installation.

The Power Lift HDL 7000 SST DG is developed and produced by Nussbaum in Kehl-Bodersweier in Baden-Württemberg .

Load capacity: 7000 kg
The easy-to-use double-joint arms on roller bearings reach all the support points specified by the vehicle manufacturers
Two operating units, two hydraulic power packs
Operating units with clear electronic display
Installation width and height are flexible
High safety: Mechanical locking at any lifting height
Low maintenance (no ropes, no ratchets)
Developed and manufactured in Germany
Recommended by Mercedes-Benz (for similar lift HDL 2.65 SST DG MB)
SST technology
The Safety Star Technology (SST) monitors the synchronism of the two lifting columns to within a tenth of a millimeter. The mechanical interlock locks the support arms automatically at any lifting height when The lift stops. A safety nut on roller bearings slides along the cylinder and locks the lift automatically.

By reducing the number of moving parts in the lift (no synchronous ropes, no safety latch) we have been able to reduce the maintenance effort of the Power Lift HDL 7000 SST DG and thus reduce the running costs in the long run. The two independent hydraulic power packs are safely and space-savingly integrated into the lift. The operating units each have a clearly arranged electronic display. The synchronisation of the two columns can be electronically controlled with the revolutionary SST system with an accuracy of tenths of a millimeter. The columns communicate via an electric cable, eliminating the need to lay hydraulic hoses between the columns. The connecting cable can either be attached to the floor or to the top of the lifting columns via a cable bridge. The columns and arms made of high-quality steel are welded in Nussbaum's own state-of-the-art welding facilities, shot-peened and then powder-coated [AttributeShortCode,attribute=Colour name,attributeid=3]. Your lift is thus protected against dirt and weather in the long term. The design, the workmanship and the integrated hydraulic units give the Power Lift HDL 7000 SST DG an elegant overall appearance that unobtrusively supports the professional appearance of your workshop.

Properties Value
Manufacturing Country Germany
Load Capacity 7000

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